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Links to Frontier Mission Organizations

More than 20 years ago, Ralph Winter and his staff from the US Center for World Missions began a research project to determine where "unreached people groups" were located. ("Unreached people groups" are tribes or language groups with no functioning church, and thus no gospel witness.)

They soon discovered a clear pattern. More than 95% of the "unreached" live in North Africa, the Middle East, and Asia, an area which has come to be known as the "10/40 Window" because it lies between latitude lines 10º and 40º north of the equator.

Many groups have been inspired by this initial research to pray for and share the good news of Jesus with the peoples in these regions. For more information on the Center for World Missions, check out their publication, Mission Frontiers.

What does it mean to adopt a people? Prayer, certainly. And hopefully friendships and personal involvement will follow. The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship publishes info and profiles of a number of unreached people groups to help your church get started.

The Joshua Project is a clearinghouse for information on the world's unreached people groups.

You can find a lot of resources at OSCAR, the UK Information Service for World Missions.

The Global Prayer Digest is a daily devotional with missionary stories, biblical challenges, urgent reports, and exciting descriptions of unreached peoples to help you in your daily prayer.

Christian Missionary Alliance has a good mission web site with links and info on unreached peoples.

More links can be found at, which is working in conjunction with the Caleb project.

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